• Vitamins & Supplements

  • Vitamins & Supplements  Can be an important tool in helping the body to heal.   Food is usually the best source for healing nutrients, however, we often recommend vitamins and supplements to assist you in the healing process. We know that fruits and vegetables are extremely important in helping to prevent particular kinds of disease.  We will assess your healing needs and may employ vitamins and supplements in a healing plan.

    We carry a large variety of Professional Grade Vitamins & Supplements on our online store with FullScript.  Products will be shipped directly to your door!  It is important to only use high grade supplements made with the most bioavailability in order to receive the greatest benefits.  Your practitioner will develop a protocol specific to your body's needs. Call today to schedule an appointment!

    We have a full online store of vitamins and supplements as well - click the Fullscript link below to access our online store.